Digital Media Librarianship

It’s been 7 months since the Digital Media Lab (DML) opened and we’re continuing to see it being used for tons of interesting projects by a wide variety of people. Yesterday, I staffed the DML for 3 hours and just in that time alone I met the following people:

  • a recently retired man interested in starting up his own website
  • an equine photographer interested in digitizing her negatives so she can sell her photographs online
  • a football player interested in editing video footage to create a highlight reel for college recruiters
  • a father interested in digitizing and editing some old home videos
  • four of our top six finishers in our recent teen photography contest who came in for a scheduled interview to talk about their interest and inspiration in photography

When I think about the future of libraries, I can’t help but think that educating our users in technology (including digital media creation) has to be a huge part of the equation. That’s why I was so impressed with the Helsinki Library 10 and Meeting Point, recently featured on Walking Paper! These libraries look like what would happen if you took our single-room DML and just kept expanding its space and services.

Check out these great slides as well:

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