Imported from Detroit

As a Bears fan, I chose not to watch the Packers win the Super Bowl last night (if I didn’t see it, it’s easier to believe it didn’t actually happen). However, I did catch some Super Bowl ads on YouTube and Hulu. It seems like the consensus is that Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” commercial featuring Eminem was one of the best from the night and I have to agree.

I think one of the reasons it stood out is that it attempted, and succeeded, to move people rather than make them laugh. It’s much more difficult, in my opinion, to move people with an ad, but when you manage to do it, it can be make the ad more memorable than one that’s funny. I’ve read some articles about the ad and it sounds like some, especially those who have a connection to Detroit or the area, were even moved to tears (or at least goose bumps). It also sounds like many across the country saw the message of Detroit’s resilience and thought of their own situations and their own cities.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look below:

When I saw the ad for the first time last night, I also remembered the Nike Ad, “Magnet,” featuring Lance Armstrong. Like the Chrysler ad, you can spend a lot of time dissecting the cinematography and editing of this ad, and in fact, I did as a film studies teaching assistant a few years ago. The professor I worked for assigned a paper asking students to closely examine the “Magnet” ad and identify what makes it so effective. Last night, I was curious if there was a connection between the two ads. It turns out both ads were created by Wieden + Kennedy! They must have a real-life Don Draper or two!

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