Apple’s Briefing Rooms

Came across this interesting post about Apple’s latest efforts to target small business owners as customers, especially in their brick-and-mortar retail stores. According to the post, Apple has created “briefing rooms” at select stores (five total) around the world. These rooms look like super cool, sleek board rooms where some serious business (and sales) can go down. Check out this flickr set to see more photos of one of these briefing rooms.

My library has a recently renovated Business Center that is turning out to be a great space for people to get work done, keep up with financial news, and attend workshops. Still, we’re missing a space where librarians can meet privately with individuals and small groups to discuss their needs and/or provide training and information.

It got me thinking, are libraries creating these types of conference rooms where staff can meet with local community stakeholders, including small business owners? What are we doing to facilitate meaningful interactions and make our users feel like we’re serious about working with them? Both in and out of the library building?

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