Let’s Get Digital

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m beginning a new position at my library. As the Digital Services Manager, I’ll be in charge of a newly formed department (or “group” as we’re calling them) that is expected to lead the library in all things digital, including the library’s mobile presence, its website (hello again, Drupal!), our new digital media lab currently in development, eReaders and other gadgets of interest to our community, and technology training for the public.

I’m very excited about taking on this new challenge, but thankfully I won’t be doing it alone. A few of my colleagues from the Information Services Department and the entire existing team of technology assistants will be joining me in this new adventure. Plus, the nature of our work will give us many opportunities to work with staff from across the library and obviously members of our community.

It feels terrific that my library’s administration trusts me with this new opportunity. Hopefully, I’ll rise to the challenge!


  1. Richard, I look forward to hearing more about your new position this afternoon!


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