Can I Interest You in Some Red?

Not too long ago, my library rolled out some pretty significant changes on our website. Most of the changes affected the visual design of the site, but there were a number of small adjustments to the main navigation and also content in certain places. This was definitely a less-eventful site change than what we went through last year when we made the switch to a new catalog interface and user account system (SOPAC), but it wasn’t without its own bumps and bruises. I’m getting more accustomed to hearing negative feedback about anything and everything that either goes wrong with the site or is just not liked by an individual or two. But I’m also learning to appreciate the silence that comes from the vast majority of users who either like the changes but don’t feel the need to comment or don’t notice the changes at all because the site just continues to work for them. In any case, having a hand in the direction of your organization’s website is never boring!

Here’s what our site looks like now. Take a look and let me know what you think! screenshot

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