Renovation Update

I won’t spend much time commenting on how I haven’t posted anything since last October. Let’s just all agree that it’s embarrassing and move on, shall we?

Instead, I’ll just jump in and give the people (maybe a handful out there!) what they want, which is an update on the renovation at my library obviously. The entire renovation went really well from my perspective and there’s a lot I could mention, but I’m particularly excited about how the Digital Services spaces turned out. Here’s what we came away with:

ahml computer labPublic Computer Lab – A large, comfortable space that houses more than 40 desktop stations giving people internet access, scanning equipment, printers, and more. It has a large island to make it easy for people to walk up to an express internet station, print stuff, or make a reservation. This is where a lot of public libraries start and end what they provide in terms of technology, but we’re definitely trying to push that boundary out further.


Studio (Digital Media Lab) – Much larger than the pilot lab I wrote about early last year, this new Studio features a production room (including an isolation booth, lighting kits, various backdrops for photography and video, electronic drumkit) and three smaller suites equipped with scanners, keyboards, mics, a wide-variety of creative software, and more. We also have a digitization station for people converting old analog video into digital. Huge props go to my colleague, Alex Hoffman, for doing a ton of planning and work setting up our Studio spaces!

Training Center

Training Center – a highly-visible space that showcases the fact that the library is a place where people can learn about and use computers and other technology, without judgment. We’ve already doubled the number of classes we offer each month to 40+ and we’re striving for a whole lot more by the end of the calendar year. As expected, our community members are filling up our classes quickly each month.

ahml tech help deskTech Help Desk – a redesigned service point where our Digital Services Advisors welcome customers into our areas and assist people with a wide-variety of tech-related questions, ranging from how to send an attachment in an email to how to shoot, edit, and share a video.

We also have a great space for one-on-one appointments, an open-concept staff office, a cool little nook for laptop users, and plans to create a gadget petting zoo that will also serve as a hub for people interested in eBooks and other downloadable content.

Keep an eye on this blog, because you might just see a few more posts about our website redesign, some interesting user research we’ve done recently, and whatever else pops into my head. No promises, though!

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