Google Business Photos Update

Recently, I wrote a post about our Google Business Photos project, which gives people an opportunity to have a look around the library and discover what we have to offer. Since then I found spots on our website where it makes sense to have certain points within the tour embedded. That’s worked out well and I also added a sidebar block on certain pages with links to take people to different parts of the building. Take a look at our hours/location page to see what I mean.

One thing I’ve been waiting for is for the invitation to “See Inside” the library to show up on the knowledge graph profile when someone searches for “arlington heights library” (without quotes). Initially, when the tour was uploaded by our photographer, it didn’t show up but now it does. I have a feeling it has to do with claiming ownership of the Google+ Local page and filling in more details. Whatever the reason, the fact that people now see this invitation when searching for us is huge. The chances of someone discovering us for the first time or re-discovering us after some time away is greater now that they can not only visit our website but see our recently renovated spaces.

see inside


Are there any other libraries looking into Google Business Photos and improving what shows up in their knowledge graph profile? I’d love to hear more about your experience.

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