Three Hours is Really Not a lot of Time

Yesterday, I drove down to Springfield with friends Toby Greenwalt and Leah White to give a three-hour presentation to Illinois library directors participating in SPLMI (Small Public Library Management Institute). We were asked to speak about technology in libraries, so we created the slide deck to end all slide decks. The presentation was jam-packed with Continue reading Three Hours is Really Not a lot of Time

The Art of the Unconference

Great day at the first-ever Chicagoland Library Unconference, full of networking and talking shop with a lot of bright, dedicated people who seriously care about making libraries better. We were lucky to have a photographer taking shots throughout the day, and those will be uploaded to our flickr page soon, but I wanted to share a camera Continue reading The Art of the Unconference

From Grocery Store to Kitchen

I was fortunate enough to present at two programs this afternoon for the 2011 ALA Annual Conference. Here’s the full description of the first program, “From Grocery Stores to Kitchens: Empowering Users to Get Creative with Digital Media.” It’s time for libraries to stop functioning like grocery stores where people simply come to get stuff Continue reading From Grocery Store to Kitchen