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The Perfect Human and Apple

While watching Jony Ive talk about the new Macbook Air, Jorgen Leth’s short film, The Perfect Human (1967), came to mind. This short film is permanently imprinted into my brain because I watched it more times than I can count while working as a film studies TA during grad school. If you’re intrigued by the […]

Quagmire? Um, yes, I think so.

Just watched the Oscar-nominated documentary No End in Sight. It’s probably the best, or at least most important, movie I’ve seen in the past year. This isn’t the kind of movie you can have playing in the background while you tend to a few other things. It’s the kind of movie that requires your full […]

Movie Watch-a-likes

I volunteered to come up with a list of movies that might interest people who either watched The Namesake and liked it or are on the hold list to get it from the library and need something else to watch in the meantime. It’s basically the same thing we do with our book “read-a-likes“ only […]

Telling Our Family Stories

Many years ago I watched an early film by Martin Scorsese called Italianamerican. It’s basically an extended interview of his parents speaking about their lives back in Italy and in America. When I watched it, it made me want to tell the stories of my own family. For a long time, I’ve wanted to create […]